Ambassador Ginsberg spent his formative years in the Middle East, particularly in Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon from 1960-1968 and spent his early legal career in Saudi Arabia and Egypt working for a U.S. law firm in the Middle East. He began his foreign policy career as a foreign affairs advisor during his freshman year in college to Senator Edward M. Kennedy (1971-1977). He was appointed by Secretary of State Vance as his White House Liaison in 1977, and then served as Deputy Senior Advisor to President Carter for Middle East Policy on his White House staff from 1979-1981, working on the Camp David Accords and Palestinian negotiations. In 1994, he was appointed by President Clinton as U.S. Ambassador to Morocco, making him the first American of Jewish heritage to be appointed to an Arab nation.

He was founding President of Layalina Television, the first U.S. philanthropic producer of commercial Arabic language television for broadcasting in the Arab world (visit Layalina’s programs currently appear on MBC – the largest pan-Arab Middle East network.

Until 2012 Amb. Ginsberg was a Senior Vice President of APCO Worldwide – a global corporate and communications advisory company with offices throughout the world where he managed many of its Middle East accounts.

He is currently CEO of Peaceworks Foundation & The OneVoice Movement in Palestine and Israel dedicated to forging a two state solution in the Middle East.

During his career, Amb. Ginsberg served on many prestigious public and private panels reviewing U.S. foreign and economic policy in the Middle East, including the Council on Foreign Relations Tasks Forces on Iraq, Public Diplomacy and Middle East policy, and the Brookings Institution Saban Center Islamic Task Force. He was also recently appointed to co-chair the Center for Strategic International Studies (CSIS) roundtable on Islam extremism in Europe. He is also a member of the RAND Corp. Middle East Advisory Board.

Amb. Ginsberg is also a U.S. and Arab media commentator (CNN, MSNBC, BBC, and many other media outlets). His insights on the Middle East are regularly published in several prominent U.S. newspapers and periodicals, including The Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and the International Herald Tribune.
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